Anglican Church of St Heliers Bay and Glendowie

St Philip’s is a Link Church with NZ Church Missionary Society’s Mission Partners, Jonathan and Tess Hicks, who are serving in the Solomon Islands.  

Jonathan and Tess Hicks are American Third Culture Kids, both coming from ‘mission families.’  Jon was raised in the Solomon Islands and Tess in Germany, Kazakhstan and China.  Not surprisingly, they both grew up with hearts for mission. 

For a long time they’ve felt God calling them to the Solomon Islands, and in 2010 Jon received an invitation from the Bishop of Malaita.  To prepare for this the family moved to New Zealand so he could pursue a PhD in Theology at Otago University which was completed in 2014.  They returned to USA later that year and were accepted as SAMS USA Mission Partners in November.  Because of the Hicks’ prior connection to New Zealand and our strategic placement within the Pacific, NZCMS is partnering with SAMS USA in sending the Hicks to the Solomons.

Jonathan teaches at a Bible School there.  Tess home-schooling their six young children leads Bible studies and keeps an open house as she loves offering hospitality.  The parish support them with prayer and finance and receive regular reports on their progress. 

Tess and Jonathan visited the parish in 2017, while on  their furlough.

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