Anglican Church of St Heliers Bay and Glendowie

Some Useful Resources

Please click here to access the New Zealand Prayer Book

Below is a quick resource to help us pray for our parish family in this time when we are missing joining together.

And, below, here’s a one-stop-shop of where you can find all of our online resources for use at home.

Here’s some online resources that I’ve found useful to help me focus and also challenge my thinking.

See what you think:

Various people in our Diocese are leading Morning, Midday, and Night Prayer on a live stream on Facebook. You don’t need to join Facebook to take part, just follow this link:

Bishop Ross is leading Night Prayer every Sunday at 7pm. To take part follow this link:

Our Church Lectionary has the daily readings for all offices. Follow this link to download a pdf copy of the Lectionary:

If you don’t have your own prayer book at home, follow this link to access an online copy:

Bishop Tom Wright was asked in an interview what it means to be a Christian during Corona virus and here’s his answer:

The Bible Project has some thought provoking videos and is releasing  weekly videos and conversation guides:

Give some of these a try and I’ll update this list as I find more.


Morning Prayer

An office of Morning Prayer that you may wish to take part in. Take up your prayer book, download a copy of the lectionary for the daily readings ( and join in!

Night Prayer

… and here’s an office of Night Prayer to do the same.

Feel free to go to Youtube, find the St. Philip’s channel (under the video) and hit the subscribe button to be kept up to date.